Popper is a very simple, easy-to-use and functional network messager. It works using the Samba suite of programs, and is thus compatible with Microsoft Windows's messaging. This is good for two reasons; one, it is already a bit supported on Linux in different environments (all using Samba), and two it is fully supported on Windows and (as far as I know) fairly hard to turn off.


Prior work

While Popper is written more-or-less completely from scratch, I got some of the ideas from a Samba client already for KDE, namely KPopup. Unfortunately KPopup's front-end annoyed me quite a lot; And in a program powered by Samba as it is, the front-end is all that matters. I then decided to code my own front end exactly how I'd like it. And I did. And this is the result.


(Taken from version 0.93)
The system tray icon: System Tray
Sending a message: New Message

Configuring: Config

Using it

It lives completely in the System Tray. There is no "main window". This, IMHO, is a Good Thing as a popup messager needs no main window. It's whole purpose is to popup when a message is received and provide a editor window when a message is to be send. Use the right mouse button to get the menu, from which you may compose a new message, change some of the settings, exit the program, read about it, or turn it into "quiet mode". Quiet mode simply grays out the icon on the system tray and refrains from showing messages until quiet mode is cancelled. There are several handy shortcuts to actions such as a double-click will give a new message, a single middle-click will toggle quiet mode, and a simple single left-click will read any supressed messages.


This software is Free. It is available for distibution under the GNU General Public Licence. This also means that the software comes with no guarantees to work. Neither I nor anyone else will be liable for any damages caused in using (or misusing) it. Essentialy, as with all software nowadays, use at your own risk. (That's not to say it won't work of course ;)


Mailing Lists



You can contact me, Gav Wood, at gav.a.kde...org.